How to Load a Van Safely

How to Load a Van Safely

Ever struggled with space in your van or had that dread moment when something falls over in the back of the van when you turn the corner too sharply?  In this article we briefly go over how to safely and effectively load your van.

Load larger items first

Load up the items that are likely to take up most space first.  That way the large items will be sat on the floor (they’re also likely to be heavier than smaller items) which can prevent them crushing smaller items.  Also ensure that heavier items are distributed evenly across the floor of the van to spread the weight evenly.  Once they’re loaded then smaller items can be loaded around them and used to fill gaps between them.

Distribute the load evenly

Always load items from the bulk head to the back of the van.  It’s worth utilising space inside or under items, like tables and chairs, to help prevent the smaller items from moving around.  It’s worth dismantling larger items that may be top heavy, like tables, to lower their centre of gravity and help prevent them moving around or falling over.  Take care not to stack the load too high and ensure you remain within the vans payload.  We cover off details on the van’s payload in our blog article here -

Secure the load

Once the vehicle is loaded then we’d recommend you check the load and any items that are likely to move on your journey should be secured to the sides or bulk head of the van with bungee straps or ratchet straps.  Most vans these days come with pre-installed hooks in the floor and hook holes on the wall for this very purpose.