How to Install a Silicone Holder in your Van

How to Install a Silicone Holder in your Van

Keeping your van organised with a TradeTidy silicone tube holder is a must – no more lost silicone tubes and time lost hunting for that silicone tube that you just knew you had in the van somewhere. 

As well as being robust, looking classy and being made in the UK, the TradeTidy silicone tube holders are easy to fix to pretty much any of the surfaces in the back of your van.  Bulkhead, to the ply lining, back doors, wheel arch boxing, existing racking systems and more.

Each silicone tube holder comes with a free TradeTidy Fixing Kit which is a pack of different types of fixings for fixing the holder to a variety of different surfaces. There are some wood screws, brown plugs and 50mm screws (for fixing to masonry) and some M6 bolts, nuts and washers for fixing to any surfaces that can’t be screwed into (metal for example).

The TradeTidy silicone tube holders can also be fixed using a TradeTidy Magnet Kit – this set of super-strong magnets fit onto the holder and enable the holder to be attached to any metallic parts of the van that you don’t want to damage or drill holes into (ideal for use in vans on lease where minimal damage avoids any charges at the end of the lease contract). 

Installing The TradeTidy Silicone Holder

When it comes to fixing the holder to the van, here’s what you need to do.

  1. First identify an area that will enable four fixings to be used as this will ensure a strong enough fixing.
  2. For fixing to timber, use the small 16mm wood screws and washers (pass the screw through the washer, then through the holder and screw it into the timber).
  3. For fixing to metal use the M6 nuts, bolts and washers (drill a 6mm hole in the metal for the bolts to pass through – pass the bolts through a washer, then through the holder and then wind into the nut and tighten).
  4. To fix the holder to a masonry wall of a workshop, for example, then the brown plugs and longer screws will be needed.  Drill a 7mm hole in the masonry to accommodate the brown plug and then fix the holder to the wall by threading the screws through the holes in the holder and into the brown plugs. 

We hope this brief article helps you quickly and easily install a TradeTidy silicone tube holder into your van and you prove the time-saving benefits of having your silicone tubes organised and easily accessible.

You can buy silicone holders online, or alternatively, get in touch with us if you require more information!


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