Work Van Storage Ideas To Keep You Organised

Work Van Storage Ideas To Keep You Organised

Who doesn't love a tidy van? A clean, organised van can increase your productivity, save you time, and make you look more professional. You no longer want to spend precious time fumbling around in your van to find your tools and equipment. Imagine opening the back doors and being able to see where everything is - doesn't that seem much better and more organised, ready for you to kickstart the day?

In this article, we cover some effective work van storage ideas that can help you get started with getting your van organised and in tip-top condition inside.  

Silicone Tube Holders

A great starting point for organising your van – silicone tubes have a tendency to roll around the back of the van so installing a holder to keep them together and stop them from disappearing under a shelf somewhere is a must.  Our one looks like this – – it looks cool, is made in the UK from 1.5mm steel, is robust and is available in 4 colours.  Easy to install, the TradeTidy silicone tube holder is a quick way to get the organisation of your van underway.

Wipe Holders

Every tradesperson needs wipes in their van.  Whatever trade you’re in there is always use somewhere for wipes.  Cleaning hands, surfaces, tools etc etc.  So one of the first things you should think about when you come to organise your van is putting up a holder for the tubs of wipes so that they are always readily at hand when you need them.  Again, here at TradeTidy, we’ve come up with a great, robust, British made, easily fitted wipe holder which is designed to accommodate most of the leading brands of wipes on the market.  Check them out here –

Aerosol Can Holders

The last in the shortlist of work van storage ideas we’re going to cover in this article is the aerosol can holder.  Like silicone tubes, aerosol cans are round so have a habit of rolling around in a van and causing all sorts of untold problems (remember that time the can of expanding foam went off in the back of the van?!).  There are several available to purchase but our favourite (of course!) is the TradeTidy one.  Available in four colours, black, white, grey and red and made in the UK from 1.5mm steel.  They are strong and durable and you can get your hands on one next day from here –

So, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading our brief article on some work van storage ideas which can help you get started on organising your van and enjoying some of the perks that come with a tidy van and work area!

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