How to make the most of the space in your work van

How to make the most of the space in your work van

Here at TradeTidy we are passionate about how we can help tradespeople make the most of the storage space available in their vans.  From full rack out systems to basic holders for storing things like silicone tubes, there are a whole host of products out there that can help you achieve a tidy (and therefore maximise your storage space) van.

Heres a few ideas to help with using every spare inch of storage space you have:


Van Space Saving Ideas

Shelving custom fitted to vans is a brilliant way of getting the most out of the storage space in your van. There are some great companies out there supplying full rack out systems for vans and others supplying basic timber shelving which also does a great job.

The full metal rack out can be expensive but we’ve recommended the following websites to help you decide.

Van Kit Direct

Bott SmartVan


System Edstrom

Here are also a few websites to take a look at if you’re on a budget!

Demar UK

Van Rack


If you dont want to shell out on a full rack system or youve made your own, there are a whole load of smaller holders on the market for storing products like silicone tubes, aerosol cans, wipes, boxes of gloves, paper towels, etc. Here at TradeTidy, we specialise in supplying high quality products at competitive products, ensuring you have access to the right accessories to organise your van the way you like!

These accessories can be fitted to pretty much any surface in a van and TradeTidy even supply some magnets so that you dont need to be drilling holes in any metal, such as the bulkhead, in your van.  You can check out the magnet kits here.

If you did you want a bit of security as well as great space saving storage for any power tools you store in your van?  Check out these great products from Van Vault and Armorgard -


How to Organise my Van

Getting your van fitted out and ready to go is one thing – how you organise it is another. Some key things to consider when you are organising your van:


Mark up or label everything so that its easy to see – especially boxes on shelves that contain parts or fittings etc.  Think about how much time can be saved when you dont need to keep pulling the storage containers from the shelves to check whats inside them.  And label up the shelves that the containers sit on so that they always go back to the same place they came from.

Grouping similar items/tools together

Get yourself a screw organiser for example, keep all your fixings together in one of these so you never need to hunt around for a certain size of screw again.

Keeping tools for different jobs together

Are you a multi tradesperson?  Keep all your plumbing tools in one toolbox and your electrician tools in another for example.  That way you can grab the toolbox you need from your van and youll have all the tools you need to hand rather than running back and forth from the van to get what you need.

Keep the items you use most by the door

There will always be some tools or fixings that youll use most.  Keep these closer at hand by the door to save time when you need to use them.  Theres no point clambering through your van to reach the rack by the bulkhead 3 times a day to get the drill you use often.

Keep the floor clear

If possible try and keep the floor of the van clear so that you can easily get in and out of the van when needed.  Its always wise from a safety point of view to prevent any injury from tripping etc.

As we mentioned earlier, were passionate about helping tradespeople organise their vans so we hope you found this article helpful. If you would like some more information please get in touch – – or browse the selection of products we have online.


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